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You may have difficulty forgetting the bad things that have happened to you, however hard you try. You may have things in your past or something which recently happened, that you want to forget. In your private life or at work. Maybe a client crossed your boundaries or you may have been witness to something awful happening.

At home too, things may go wrong, it may be a matter of domestic violence, for example. Perhaps these things keep troubling you, you cannot get them out of your mind. It can trouble you no end. People differ in the way they react: you may be anxious or over-excited or withdrawn. You lose concentration or you are upset or listless. There may be physical effects like having headaches, not sleeping well, having nightmares.

Keep in mind that people can teach you how to deal with it. If you cannot deal with your problems, try and talk about them with our social worker at P&G292. You can talk about your problems with us and in the first place we will listen to you. If, however, you need more help, we can help you contact the police or a psychologist. Do something about it. Contact us, for instance by way of this form.