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Are you forced to hand over the money you earn to somebody else and you do not know how to deal with it? Then it is important to talk about it with somebody you can trust.

Causes may include:

  • Somebody lied to you or forced you to work as a sex worker.
  • Somebody keeps part of the money in return for bringing in clients.
  • Your own boyfriend or somebody else forces you to earn money for him.
  • You or your family are blackmailed, so you are forced to take on sex work and earn money for somebody else.

Whatever your situation, nobody has the right to force you to do sex work. Nor has anybody got the right to demand the money you earn doing sex work. It is important for you to know that there is a solution. P&G292 can help you find it.

How can you get help?

Emergencies: call 112

In wrongful exploitation matters or in cases of blackmail or force, contact the police. In the region of Amsterdam: police team for Trafficking 020 5593396. If the phone is not answered, leave a message (do not forget to clearly state your telephone number so that they can get back to you). Or send an e-mail to

In case you are outside Amsterdam: call: 0900-8844

What if you do not want the police to act right away? If you want to discuss matters with us first, contact us and fill in the form or call us at 020-5318600 and ask for a social worker or our confidant (Dutch: vertrouwensvrouw). You can discuss matters with us and we can give you information and advice, but also help to get out of the situation as soon as possible. However difficult or hopeless the situation might be, you will see you can get out. We are here to help you.