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When you have decided to be a sex worker you should set your limits in advance. For instance set your limits as far as your clients are concerned, when do you expect to be paid, set limits concerning places of work (your personal no-go areas). It may help to prevent you from having to decide things in a split second. Think of situations and services. It may help to decide beforehand how to act in what situation.

What if a client goes further or has other wishes than agreed upon beforehand? What if a regular client tells you that you have been the only sex worker he has visited and then refuses using a condom? What if you refuse to have anal sex with clients or do not want to kiss, but this person is willing to pay for it generously and you do need the money badly? What are your ideas about s-m.? Drugs? Threesomes?

It might be harder than you think to handle these situations. Your decisions are your own choice, nobody else’s and a choice which you should give ample thought. When you want to learn more about setting your limits, read more about our training self-defence.