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In The Netherlands health insurance is a must. It will cover medical costs (doctor or hospital).  When you work in The Netherlands and pay income tax, you will have to take out health insurance, even if you do not live here.

What if you do not take out  health insurance?

If you have not taken out health insurance, you will soon receive letters from the umbrella health organization (Zorginstituut Nederland, the former CVZ). You are urgently asked to take out health insurance within three months. If you still have not done this three months later, you are fined € 350. Three months after this, you will get fined once again. In the end the organization will see to it that you are registered. You should not risk this, as your contribution will be very expensive.

Expenses and allowances

You might be entitled to get health care compensation from the Tax Office if your income is low. This  may compensate  part of your contribution, but you should pay the other part yourself.

In short, prevent a fine and take out health insurance as soon as you can. If you need help for this, click here to book an appointment at P&G 292 with one of the social workers.