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Debts often cause stress. When you have big debts you are likely to think about them all the time. Having many debts may even be a reason for taking on sex work, although you want to stop.

Check if you are entitled to a government allowance.

When you are short of money, you may think one of the ‘solutions’ might be transferring money from account to account or not paying all the bills. So you have debts and repayment is hard. Gradually you are now losing sight of the overall picture of your finances. These are all signs it is time you change tactics.

Managing your debts yourself

Information about managing debts: [link] Engels? (managing your debts). You will find an action plan for a solution. Do you need help? Contact us.

Debt assistance

At P&G292 a social worker, specialized in debt assistance, can help you map your finances and how to get a grip on your financial situation. She often starts helping you to draw up an overview of your income, expenses and debts.