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Application for a benefit

Is your income not enough to live on and you cannot earn more? Do you want to stop doing sex work and do you want to know if you eligible for an allowance or benefit? For information and help contact a social worker at P&G292.

Maybe you think your being a sex worker or a former sex worker may be an obstacle. This is not true. If you live in Amsterdam and you want to apply for a benefit as a sex worker or former sex worker, you need not go to the department to apply for it or make the request digitally, we can fill in the form together with you and send it directly to DWI. This is the Department for Work and Income, the former Social Service in Amsterdam. We have our own support contact with DWI. She especially works for sex workers, in the same way as we do. You need not have fears that, as a sex worker, you will be treated differently by DWI.

Conditions for an allowance or benefit

There are certain conditions to be eligible for a benefit. Even if you qualify, there is no guarantee that you will receive one. DWI will be the judge of that, in consultation with you and in regard of your circumstances.

Conditions to be met:

  • You are 18 or over.
  • You have the Dutch nationality or you are equal to being Dutch. ‘Equal’ means you have a residence permit for an/a (un-) limited period of time. Or you are a national of an EU state. Note: there are quite a few exceptions. If you are a national of an EU state or you have a residence permit, this does not automatically mean that you are eligible for an allowance. Contact us, so that we can inform you of your rights, (together with our DWI-contact).
  • Your income should not be higher than the social security standard and your savings may not be above a certain level.

If you are eligible for an allowance, there are obligations, of course. If you do not keep them, the authorities have the right to lower the amount you get paid, to stop the allowance altogether or fine you. If, later on, it turns out you were not entitled to receive an allowance, the authorities have the right to make you pay back the amount of money that you have received.