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  1. SWAD has concers about WRS

    Dear readers, click on the link below for the letter from SWAD about the care surrounding the WRS. P&G292 is part of SWAD. ... >
  2. Call for Consulant Casemanager Ugly Mugs

    ... >
  3. the 4th of february starts a new resilience training

    ... >
  4. No appointment necessary for COVID19 vaccination at P&G292.

    ... >
  5. Join the research: ‘Sexwork and safety during corona’

    ... >
  6. Opting-in, the annual adjustments:

    The percentages will be adjusted again in 2022. The calculation tool is available on the website There you will also... >
  7. Booster shot COVID19 for undocumented migrants (EN/ES)

    ... >
  8. Information about BBZ

    Support for new businesses and the self-employed (BBZ) If you have a new business or if you are self-employed... >
  9. Writing Workshop for Sex Workers

    ... >
  10. Adjusted criteria for our STD consultation hours

    In the period from December 20 to the end of January 2022, nurses from the P&G292 will be deployed for the current Corona booster... >