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  1. Free Covid-19 vaccination (Janssen) @ P&g292

    ... >
  2. Sex Work Alliance Destigmatization (SWAD)

    Organisations join forces against stigma on sex work No fewer than 22 sex worker organisations, care institutions, social organisations,... >
  3. Consultations: for and by sex workers!

    Do you want to talk about tips & tricks with a colleague who knows all the in’s & outs of the sexjob? The telephone line with... >
  4. Download the app: “YourPrEP”

    Yes, we are live with the "YourPrEP" app! This is the app that keeps track of everything related to PrEP use. This way you can keep track... >
  5. Box workshop @ P&G292

    In these difficult times, we must not forget to keep moving and work on our strength and mobility! That is why we followed a boxing... >
  6. Video safe space transgender community

    Click down the link to see the video about the safe space for the transgender community. ... >
  7. Sunday the 18th of April is Transgender HIV Testing Day!

    The Sexual Health Clinic of Amsterdam together with Trans United Europe will offer free and anonymous hiv test to transgender... >
  8. Q&A: file a report at the police

    If you have become the victim of a punishable offence, such as a violent crime, sexual offence, or if you are being extorted, then you can... >
  9. Dignita spring school starts 8th March

    ... >
  10. P&G292 Peer-to-Peer infoline

    From March 8-th 2021 P&G292 will launch a phone/info line run by experts. The line is available from Monday to Thursday from 7:00 PM... >