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  1. P&G292 Peer-to-Peer infoline 25th of march

    Unfortunately you can't call with Samira Thursday 25th of march in the evening. She'll be there next week to answer all your questions.... >
  2. Q&A: file a report at the police

    If you have become the victim of a punishable offence, such as a violent crime, sexual offence, or if you are being extorted, then you can... >
  3. Dignita spring school starts 8th March

    ... >
  4. P&G292 Peer-to-Peer infoline

    From March 8-th 2021 P&G292 will launch a phone/info line run by experts. The line is available from Monday to Thursday from 7:00 PM... >
  5. The newest video about P&G292 >
  6. Animation NO-WRS

    As most of you already know, this week the outgoing cabinet sent the Sex Work Regulation Act to Parliament after all. SANL sent out ... >
  7. Survey ‘Resilience and negotiation position amongst sex workers during the coronavirus pandemic’

    This survey is about sex work and the coronavirus. It asks questions about your work, coronavirus protection strategies, negotiations with... >
  8. DragBINGO – Sexworker charity bingo

    We would like you to inform on behalf of SAVE (Sexworkers Against Violence &... >
  9. Four reactions of sexworkers at the work of P&G292

    In 2020 we helped four sex workers with a donation for a carrier switch. The gift is intended for sex workers who want to start their own... >
  10. No sexwork permitted until 19th January 2021

    Dear sex workers, As we all heard on December 14, 2020, the Covid-19 measures have been adjusted and sex work is not permitted until 19... >