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If you have not started your period, you may be pregnant. This may be because you have not used any birth control method (e.g. because you did not wish to, willingly or not) and you wish to be pregnant. Or the pregnancy is uncalled for and unexpected or even unwanted. If you want to be sure, take a pregnancy test.

Pregnancy test

You can get a pregnancy test at any chemist’s. You can take the test as soon as two to three weeks after you had unprotected sex. The test shows if  beta-hCG hormone is in your urine. This hormone is produced by the body when you are pregnant. If this hormone is produced your test will be positive, which means you are pregnant.

If the test is well performed, it is quite reliable. First you should read the instructions very carefully. A mistaken positive result is very uncommon. (The test showing you are pregnant, but in reality you are not). A mistaken negative result  may occur. (The test showing you are not pregnant, but in reality you are). The cause of this may be the test has been taken too soon. This means that you have taken the test too soon after you have had unprotected sex. If you are in doubt, if you are upset about the result or if you think the test is too difficult, make an appointment at P&G292 health care consulting times. The nurse will help you along. [link]

Unplanned pregnancy

An unplanned pregnancy can be emotional and it can bring about feelings of uncertainty. Taking decisions about it can be difficult, especially if the pregnancy is unexpected. Do you want to have the child or do you want to end the pregnancy and have an abortion? Maybe there are alternatives like having it adopted or placed in a foster home.

These decisions can be very hard. Especially if you have no one to talk to about these problems.

The P&G292 nurse can give support. You can make an appointment at our health care consulting times to discuss things. We can help you to decide, with or without the help of a social worker. She can help with practical issues.

The following issues will be discussed:

  • Do you want to carry the pregnancy to term? Do you want the child?
  • Do you want to have an abortion?
  • What is your gut feeling? What is sensible?
  • What dilemmas are there?
  • Will friends and family support you?
  • What prospects are there?
  • Practical issues such as housing, stopping work, health care insurance or benefit.
  • In short: What are the positive and negative aspects of carrying the pregnancy to term?

Maybe you will still be uncertain after having spoken to our nurse. She will then refer you to FIOM, a specialized institution where people can help you reflect on your motives and options.

If you decide to end your pregnancy, we can help you by making an appointment at an abortion clinic.

If you decide to carry the pregnancy to term and to have the child, we can refer you to a midwife.

Wanted pregnancy

When you have just found out you are pregnant, there are lots of things to decide and think about. Perhaps you want to know when the first ultrasound scan will be. Maybe you want to know how long you can continue working. Do you want to go on working during pregnancy? Can you do sex work when you are pregnant and if so, for how long? This is a very personal issue; talk about it with our nurse at P&G292.

In The Netherlands you have childbirth check-ups during pregnancy. From 8 weeks pregnancy, so about 8 weeks after the first day of your last period, you have your first appointment with a midwife and regular check-ups after that.

You can make an appointment yourself. We can do it for you when you have taken the pregnancy test at P&G292 or when you need help.

We cannot do an ultrasound scan at P&G292 as we do not own the device. We can do the pregnancy test, however, and on the basis of the date of your last period we can figure out how long you have been pregnant.

Even if you have no health insurance you are entitled to childbirth care. We advise you to take out a health care insurance, when you are pregnant too. You can get an insurance with the help of a social worker.


Some women know from the start that their pregnancy is unwanted. In The Netherlands a pregnancy can be terminated. This is called an abortion. In The Netherlands a pregnancy can be terminated up to 22 weeks after the first day of your last period.

There are several methods to terminate a pregnancy. Which one will be applied, depends on the duration of the pregnancy and on your wishes.

You will decide together with the abortion clinic.

An abortion can be brought about by medication (abortion pill) and by suction curettage. Up to an 8 weeks pregnancy (8 weeks after the first day of your last period) the abortion pill can be taken. Note that this can only be done on condition that you can speak Dutch or English well. This is important.

In the abortion clinic they will decide, together with you, if you meet the requirements so that the pill can be given to you.

If you have been pregnant for longer than 8 weeks, you can have a suction curettage of the womb. The people in the abortion clinic will ask you if you wish to have light sedation.

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AWBZ (a national insurance scheme for medical expenses) takes care of abortion costs. For an AWBZ insurance you need a national identity number (BSN) and you must prove that you have lived or worked in The Netherlands for 3 months minimum.

If you are illegal in The Netherlands or if you cannot prove that you have lived or worked here, you must pay the costs yourself. The costs may vary, they are not the same for everybody, they depend on your circumstances. When you have to pay the costs of the abortion yourself, we can help you find out how much it will cost you.


In The Netherlands an abortion is legal up to 24 weeks of pregnancy. In abortion clinics it can be done up to 22 weeks of pregnancy. This is because the duration of a pregnancy can be determined with a margin of 2 weeks.

If you have decided to have an abortion, you will always have an appointment to talk it over first. This appointment can be at P&G292, at the abortion clinic or you can make an appointment at your family doctor’s. After that you will have a reflection period of 5 days, so between the day of your appointment and the day of treatment are 5 days minimum.

The doctor who performs the abortion has to be sure you want this abortion, that it is voluntary and of your own choice.

If you are 16 days or less past the menstruation date, there will not be any reflection period.

An abortion can only take place at an abortion clinic. You can contact an abortion clinic yourself. At P&G292 we can also refer you to an abortion clinic and make an appointment for you.

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