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A condom break while you are having sex is very bad luck. It may result in an STI or pregnancy.

How to use a condom?


  1. Get a supply of good quality condoms with CE hallmark (quality standard).
  2. Check the expiration date.

 During sex

  1. See to it that there is no skin-to-skin contact between penis and vagina, mouth or anus, before putting on the condom.
  2. Open the packet carefully, stay away from teeth or scissors.
  3. Pinch the tip of the condom between thumb and index finger. This will prevent an air pocket to be formed. Do not touch the condom with your nails.
  4. Do not put on the condom before the penis is fully erect. The tip is still between your thumb and index finger. Note: the rolled ring is on the outside, you cannot unroll it, when the ring is on the inside. Unroll the condom over the penis as far as possible.
  5. Use quite some lubricant.
  6. Withdraw the penis immediately after ejaculation (climaxing). Do it before the penis is limp. Tie the condom in a knot. To avoid contamination sperm must not come into contact with your hands.

How to avoid condom break

It can be painful to have sex when your vagina is very dry. A condom can easily break when the vagina is very dry. The use of lubricant prevents the condom to break or to slip off. With anal sex (ass fuck) use lots of lubricant. Use water based lubricant, not Nonoxynol-9 based lubricant; this can injure your vagina or anus. Do not use (massage) oil as a lubricant either, it may damage the condom. If condoms often break, visit P&G292. We will demonstrate how to handle condoms.

 What if a condom breaks?

A condom break can be scaring. A condom can break or slip off and remain in the vagina or anus after sex.

What can a woman do after a condom break or when it slips off?

  • Stay calm in all circumstances.
  • Go to the toilet and try urinating as much as possible. Bacteria will leave the vagina this way.
  • Take a shower and point the showerhead down; this way bacteria cannot invade the vagina.
  • If you do not use contraceptives, buy a morning-after pill at the chemist’s. You must take it within 72 hours. [link: ]
  • Contact P&G292 or the nearest Area Health Authority (GGD) and after one week take an STI test. [link]. In case of early signs make an appointment earlier.

What can you do after condom break or slip off after anal sex (man or woman)?

  • Don’t panic
  • Call P&G292 (020-5318600) or the nearest Area Health Authority (GGD). On Saturday or Sunday go to the emergency department at the nearest hospital. A doctor will decide if a Pep treatment is needed to avoid HIV.

What is a Pep treatment?

If you have had unsafe sex with a person with HIV or who is likely to carry the disease, you can get a Pep treatment, This means you will get medication which prevents HIV from becoming established in the body. You must get started as soon as possible to prevent the virus from invading the body. Within 72 hours after the sex incident you must start with the medication, the sooner the better. A Pep treatment takes 4 weeks. The doctor decides if it is needed. When in doubt or when you are not sure, contact P&G292 or take the Pep test on

Can Pep serve as an alternative for a condom?

No, it can’t. Use of a condom is a safer way of preventing HIV than Pep. Moreover the condom protects against other STIs as well and (with a woman) pregnancy, Pep does not. Pep can also make you sick and tired and you must go to the hospital or the Area Health Authority (GGD) for the follow up. In addition the Pep treatment can cost you a lot of money because of the deductible (expenses that must be paid out of pocket) of your health insurance.