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Have you got a problem or do you want to take a test? Make an appointment for our consulting times. Consulting times are for women, men and transgender persons. If you wish you can ask your question online first.

STI consulting times

Do you want to take a STI test? At P&G292 it can be done free of charge and anonymously.

You can be tested on: Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, Syphilis and HIV. If necessary you can be tested on Herpes Genitalis and Genital Warts as well. At P&G292 we can also vaccinate against Hepatitis A/B. If you are a sex worker, we advise you to visit us for a STI check-up every three months. Also visit us in case of:

  • Condom break or unsafe sex
  • STI signs
  • STI warning from a sex partner

If you are taking antibiotics, we advise you to wait a week before you take a STI test, unless you have STI related symptoms.

Fill in the form to make an appointment. Do you want to be treated by a male nurse? Make your request on the form.

> Have you got STI symptoms, were you warned by an STI- infected client or did a condom break with anal sex? Do not use the form but call us for an appointment at 020-5318600.

Consulting times for sexual health

As a sex worker your (sexual) health is very important.

For questions on contraceptives, a/an (un-)planned pregnancy, pain during sex or erection disorders you can contact P&G292, but also for questions on anal rinse, HIV, PEP, drug use and sex work.
At our free consulting times you can discuss these subjects anonymously. It helps to talk things over, but sometimes you may need a physical or other kind of examination as well. We give advice on treatments, we can give you a prescription and we can refer you to a specialist. Whatever is needed in your situation.

Fill in the form to make an appointment. Do you want to be treated by a male nurse? Make your request on the form.

Social work consultant

Have you got questions, do you need advice or somebody to talk to? Make an appointment for the social worker at P&G292.

At our social work consulting times the consults are confidential and free of charge. Your first appointment will be for an intake: you can tell us your question or your problems. We may ask you a few questions to get a clear picture of your circumstances. It is up to you, of course, if you are willing to answer them. At the end of this intake, we will discuss whether a follow-up is necessary. If we think it advisable to contact an other organisation, we will only do that with your consent. Do you prefer to tell your story anonymously? No problem.
Fill in the form for an appointment.