Symposium July 22nd ‘HIV Prevention among Transgender People: Advances and Challenges – AIDS 2018’

We would like to draw your attention to a symposium entitled ‘HIV Prevention among Transgender People: Advances and Challenges – AIDS 2018’ that will take place just prior to AIDS 2018 in Amsterdam.

This one-day symposium brings together national and international activists and researchers in the field of transgender health and hiv prevention. In the symposium, international best practices for hiv prevention among transgender people will be showcased and attention will be paid to national and international challenges. We invite interested activists and researchers to join in dialogue on how hiv prevention among transgender individuals can best be optimized. To achieve this goal, successful approaches from the Global South and Global North will be presented and seconded by gap analyses.

The event happens on the Sunday, July 22nd, prior to AIDS 2018, and nicely complements the trans themed preconference, organized by IRGT, entitled, ‘TRANS action: Building bridges to safety’

You can find more information about our event and can register here:

Speakers and panel members include Stefan Baral (USA), Thomas Guadamuz (Thailand), Ronivin Garcia Pagtakhan (Philippines), Jae Sevelius (USA), Natthakhet Yaemim (Thailand), Elske Hoornenborg (Netherlands), Glenn-Milo Santos (USA), Annelies van Dijk (Netherlands), Dinah de Riquet-Bons (Netherlands), Mart van Dijk (Netherlands), Sarah Stutterheim (Netherlands), Judith van Schuylenbergh (Belgium), Samira Hakim (Netherlands), Thierry Schaffauser (France), Heleen Driessen (Netherlands), Petra Willemsteijn (Netherlands), and Kai Jonas (Netherlands).

If you are planning on being in Amsterdam for AIDS 2018 and this is of interest to you, please register. We would also appreciate it very much if you could inform your network about this event.