Callgirls ’n Coffee Oct 22 @17.00

Dear CnC’ers,


There’s a new meeting coming up on Monday October 22nd, hope to see you all there! As always our meeting will be held at the PIC – Enge Kerksteeg 3 – from 17.00-20.00. Please forward this email to anyone who might be interested in attending.

Next week’s theme:



October 22

Playing on the gray zone between relationships and sex work, sugaring can be complicated when it comes to setting clear financial rates and boundaries between private and work life. What are the positive and negative aspects of sugaring? How do you navigate its gray areas? Are the relationships with the clients different than for “regular” escorts?

Let’s come together and share about this to better inform, protect and support each other!


Upcoming meetings & themes:



November 5

Self-care has become a popular term. It’s supposed to be good and healthy and important, especially in service oriented professions like sex work. But what even is self-care? Taking some time to take care of ourselves instead of others? Well that’s easier said than done! Sure, after a week filled with difficult clients I realize that taking a day off to go to the sauna, to eat healthy, to go outside for some vitamin D and to catch up on my sleep are the most caring things I can do for myself. Instead I’ll stay up all night eating chips and compulsively scrolling through Facebook, feeling too worn down to go to the store, let alone cook a healthy meal. Then on top of everything I feel bad that I’m not properly taking care of myself.

In this meeting we’ll talk about all the different forms self-care can take and what strategies we can use to take care of ourselves to prevent feeling worn down by sex work.


Sex work versus our private sex life

November 19

This meeting is about the influence sex work has on the sex we have with casual and long term partners and vice versa. Are there things you’re happy to do with a partner but wouldn’t do in a work setting? Are there sex acts that you have to do so frequently for work that you no longer feel interested in doing them privately as well? How does your work influence your desire to have sex? Do you feel sex work has had an effect (pos/neg) on the quality of your private sex life?